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Grok Trade, a fresh new brand, is an online trading education resource helping traders reach their full potential in trading through foundational online trading education and a personal trading mentor.

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Grok mentoring is the pinnacle of all trading education superseding the value that books, seminars and even scouring the Internet can do for developing traders. Nothing brings more educational worth to traders than benefiting by a trading mentor. Grok mentoring offers impressive perks well beyond those of commercialized mentoring programs.

 The Grok Trade mentor program is a highly recognized online-based educational curriculum delivering excellence in trading education via discount tuition fees. The Grok mentoring does not exclude important trading content, but rather delivers to its students’ thorough and detailed training. All major areas of trading are a focus in the training, which helps ensure the most comprehensive educational experience for Grok students. Technical analysis is a primary focus of the mentor program; however other key areas are also thoroughly addresses. These areas include 1) fundamental analysis for proper stock scanning selection, 2) market analysis for proper market timing and 3) psychological analysis to better read crowd-sentiment in price action and understand ourselves while making trading decisions.

Some studies show that 89% of traders lose money in the stock markets. It’s our belief that nearly 100% of those traders who succeed in trading the live markets also have had formalized trading education. If making a positive change in your trading and value is important to you then the Grok mentoring program is a logical choice.

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Grok students receive:

  1. A 3-day full-immersion training session (live online and homework is given)
  2. Monthly Grok Grad Study Group (support) webinars
  3. TradeLog software
  4. Stock Picks vNewsletter (1yr)
  5. Easy access to Grok mentors.

All Grok mentors/analysts collectively deliver support to all students for the life of Grok Trade. Get all the details about the mentoring program to see if its a match for you by filling in the section to the right.


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Real traders daily delivering free pre-market, post-market and weekend online trading videos. The broad market and other trades are assessed using a variety of technical analysis techniques on various charts including Japanese candlestick charts, and delivered in a rich media video format. Free Online Trading Education, online trading tuturial, swing trading strategies, swing traders, Day trading, and position trading strategies are all ready for you.