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Thursday, 04 April 2013 23:49

4.4.13 Reporte y Análisis Bursátil

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Una sesión que cierra a la alza pero aún por debajo del nivel de resistencia del máximo histórico receintemente formado. Una base alta bastante jugosa se ha formado en las graficas de los índices y de un buen numero de operadoras que siguen de cerca la actividad de los indices.IMPORTANTE confirmar la resolución de esta formación antes de iniciar posiciones tipo swing.

Miguel Vences

A native of Mexico City, Miguel A. Vences, has been a resident of Houston, Texas, for 17 years. With degrees in philosophy and theology, Miguel spent his professional life in the non-profit and education fields with a passionate focus in human growth and development. In 2006 Miguel discovered a passion for trading and since that time has dedicated himself to research and learning about the amazing opportunities on line trading offers people of all backgrounds. The combined trading and mentoring experience provided Miguel a clear understanding of the importance of balancing fundamental and technical analysis to be an effective trader. Miguel has been a Grok Trade Mentor and Analyst since 2009.

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